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Chinese medicine massage acupuncture points

1, Yingxiang point
Location: Yingxiang is located on both sides of the nose and is perpendicular to the eyes when looking directly.
Efficacy: Massage this acupoint can quickly eliminate lung fire, and has a significant regulating effect on the sallow sallow caused by physical discomfort.
Massage method: Use the fingertips to hold the acupuncture points, slightly force the force, push back and forth in the left and right direction, and stimulate the acupuncture points. About 1 minute each time, it is recommended to go before bedtime. In addition to the fingertips of the commonly used index finger, Chinese medicine believes that the thumb of the hand-yin-yin lung and the large intestine of the Yingxiang point have a "yin-yang-in-the-middle" relationship, and changing the thumb to massage will double the effect.
2, the temple
Location: I believe no one does not know where the temple is? Efficacy: The temple is associated with facial nerves. Chinese medicine believes that the temple can help the drainage to reduce swelling, and it has effects on facial edema caused by poor circulation in the body and dullness caused by excessive fatigue.
Massage method: Use the thumb of both hands to hold the acupuncture point and gently sway. If necessary, you can also massage the forehead and eyelids at any time.
3, Da Ying points
Location: The large welcoming hole is located in the mandible of the lateral side of the head, and the lips are inclined downward and the chin is concave.
Efficacy: It not only allows the blood circulation of the face to be smooth, but also has the cosmetic effect of firming the skin. Because it is close to the crotch on both sides of the chin, it is not entirely unreasonable to say that "women who like to care for a little face are beautiful".
Massage method: Press the acupuncture point with the index finger, press it for 6 seconds while exhaling, repeat 4~5 groups.

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