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Chinese medicine meridian

The health care principle of foot massage
According to the efficacy of meridians and acupoints in TCM, TCM meridian health maintenance is to sort out meridians, harmonize Yin and Yang through operation, and finally achieve treatment and health care, so as to restore the body in a harmonious state.
Chinese traditionally pays attention to knowledge, plantar said Chinese people called the second heart of the human body, there is a reflex zones and the corresponding zang-fu organ and meridian distribution, foot massage method is to stimulate the reflex zones, makes the circulation of the blood flow, eliminate accumulation of waste and toxins in the body, can make metabolism functioning, regulate human body organ function, is the heritage of the Chinese nation one thousand years of natural health care methods.
Strictly speaking, stimulation of any part of the body can produce varying degrees of reflex. There are abundant reflex areas in the plantar area, and regular and rhythmic pressing is an effective method for health care. If the human body is lying on the back and feet are combined, the skin on the bottom of the foot shows a human shape. The area where the two big toes meet is the reflection area of the head of the human body, the central area of the foot bottom is the reflection area of the liver, stomach, spleen and kidney, and down, the reflection area of the abdominal viscera, to the heel area, the reflection area of the reproductive organs and coccyx. In addition, sufficient back still has the reflex area such as ear nose-throat, oral cavity, genital to continue, massagist is in when massage job, can notice the characteristic of these reflex area of the client necessarily, and try to press.

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