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Based in Australia, but having originated in China, we’ve inherited the traditional natural therapies honed over the centuries and have combined it with the latest professional theories and technological research. Our commitment to the urban elite provides a rejuvenating way of life that keeps you in tiptop health.

Comfee feet massage is a Chinese meridian health center that serves as a foot massage club. It has formed a standardized service process and a unified foot massage technique, which is the essence of the Chinese meridian health and modern, leisure lifestyle. It perfectly promotes the kind of comfortable and natural wellness that exhilarates any busy, urbanites.

Foot massage has origins in China and it is approximately 4,000 years old. Chinese medicine meridian health experts consider feet as the second heart of the human body. They state that each corresponding organ has a health point reflected in a specific part of each foot. Our feet massage methods are meant to stimulate the reflex zones to help the circulation of the blood flow and eliminate accumulation of waste and toxins in the body in order to normalize one’s metabolism. Foot massage can also regulate the endocrine system, strengthen the body organ functions, eliminate fatigue, and promote better disease curing. Overall, it’s really a natural way to keep healthy.

Comfee feet massage makes full use of its inherited natural therapy knowledge and masterfully combines it with the latest theories and technological research. From China to Australia, the company’s commitment to the urban lifestyle provides a no pressure kind of comfort that results in natural wellness for you.



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