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Based in Australia, but having originated in China, we’ve inherited the traditional natural therapies honed over the centuries and have combined it with the latest professional theories and technological research. Our commitment to the urban elite provides a rejuvenating way of life that keeps you in tiptop health.

Comfee feet massage is a Chinese meridian health center that serves as a foot massage club. It has formed a standardized service process and a unified foot massage technique, which is the essence of the Chinese meridian health and modern, leisure lifestyle. It perfectly promotes the kind of

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Safety and green decoration
Shujinhuo should be ventilated

TCM massage, using a certain massage technique, can reinforce the old to clear the muscles, promote blood flow, relieve local soft tissue spasm, numbness


Repeat inspection layers of checks
Promote blood circulation and remove phlegm

TCM massage, using a certain pressing, pushing, honing and other ribs techniques to make the bones rejuvenation, meridian dredge, blood flow smooth, can promote congestion, swelling, relief, pain relief, is conducive to the repair of damaged tissue


Category range to create a comfortable living space
Relieve stress, reconcile blood

Improve joint flexibility and range of motion, making joints smoother and less prone to injury.


Excellent quality and lightweight fast
Integral ridge

Some special correction techniques in massage have a good preventive effect on post-spinal joint disorders. It is often used to massage the spine. In addition to the adjustment effect on the whole body, it also has a good preventive effect on spinal deformity and degenerative lesions of the spine.



Chinese medicine massage advantages

Chinese medicine massage advantages

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Chinese medicine massage

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Chinese medicine massage acupuncture points

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